It is a pleasure to us to present you smart clothing covers.

The covers, which we are manufacturers, are made of enduring and esthetic fabrics, such as polypropylene fabric, polyamide and codura. The propylene fabric is a non-stretchable, odor-free and ecological material, which guarantees the air supply to the clothes that are kept in it. What is more, our covers protect clothing that is stored from dampness and soils. Their usage is versatile: from keeping a product at a manufacturer, wholesaler and an individual purchaser through using them in a transport or travel. The covers are of high quality, which is controlled by us constantly. They are finished off with a trimming that has a color of the cover or a different one. They also have an opening which serves to put there a peg, and a zip which is solid and durable. In order to take into consideration your needs, we produce covers in different colors and variants. The most important asset of the covers is a possibility to put your own trade mark on it.

The covers are a new and perfect sort of advertisement for you.