To meet you half way, we give you an opportunity to put an ad on the cover, i.e. your TRADE MARK (a screen printing method) in a shape and color that you choose. At the same time, we adjust ourselves to your needs.

  Both the covers and the overprints are very abiding and they pose a form of advertisement, which stays in your customer houses permanently, and has a positive influence on the image of your firm. Thanks to that, you become more recognizable on the trade.

“The packing – advertising” cover makes up a smart wrapper which may be added free of charge to products that you sell.  It is a flagship, which is going to remain with your clients, and remind of the quality of your goods, as well as of an excellent costumer service throughout the years.

  As your buyers reach to their closets, in order to take out a suit, jacket, sweater, coat, fur or two-piece dress, they see a logo of your firm on your covers.

  When your customers will be doing shopping for the next time, they will eagerly be back to a firm, which accompanies them daily, and which protects their favorite clothes.